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Yarber Inc specializes in custom films, bags & sheeting and other packaging materials. Many products are custom designed and manufactured to individual applications. Below you can find a small sampling of the numerous packaging products we have available. We excel at working closely with our customers to develop creative solutions to their packaging requirements. We look forward to helping you with your packaging needs.

Interactive Sampling

Wicketed Bags

We recognize the importance of improving the shelf-life of our customer’s products. Our wicketed bags can work with hand-packed and machine-loaded products to extend the use-by date while also improving the look and value of our customer’s products.

Beyond improving shelf-life, our bags are also designed to increase the visual impact of retail displays while being more convenient for the end-user. FDA approved, our bags feature expandable gussets, hermetic seals, and reclosable zippers. They are also designed for heat sealable applications as well.

Flat Bags

Our flat bags include side weld and bottom seal options and offer great presentation along with exceptional convenience. Customization options for our flat bags include a self-sealing lip and tape closure for the side weld bags, and the choice of a resealable or permanent adhesive.

Flat bags can be produced using recyclable materials and are also available printed up to 8 colors.

Form, Fill & Seal

We are proud to offer exceptional versatility with our form, fill, & seal roll stock. Ready for conversion and featuring high definition, multi color process printing, a significant variety of options and styles are available for customers to choose from.

Precision slitting equipment works to ensure that rolls are perfectly cut the first time, and high speed ffs applications are one of our specialties.

Gusseted Bags

Gusseted Bags are the go-to packaging item for our customer’s products. Whether for furniture packaging, agricultural applications, or food packaging, we can custom design and produce a wide variety of sizes and configurations of gusseted bags.

Custom printing, high barrier, and tints & colors are all available with our gusseted bags.

Header Bags

Header bags catch the end-user’s eye and inspire them to act with a visually exciting and affordable packaging solution. Our bags feature a reinforced header area and can be customized with a variety of different hang hole styles to match the requirements of nearly any retail display.

Heat seal-able, our header bags can also be designed with a resealable or permanent lip and tape closures that make product loading a breeze. A wide variety of materials, headers, and printing are available to better match our customer’s needs.


Solid presentation, end-user convenience, hermetic heat seals for added protection – our stock pouches provide for the essential needs of our customers. Each of our stock pouches are available in several sizes to fit a variety of products.

All have received full FDA approval and are produced with high-barrier materials, industry-standard reclosable zippers, and self-supporting designs. Many customization options are available for our pouches, including vent holes, hang holes, alternative bottom seals, laser microperforation, multi-color printing, and metallic film options.



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