How We Work

We understand that your product’s packaging is your calling-card to the world. We want to help you launch eye-catching designs that remain practical and cost-effective. At Yarber Inc, your vision leads the way while our designers and engineers make it all happen. We seek contributions from all stakeholders to maintain the integrity of the project’s overall vision, even as the packaging changes to meet evolving requirements.

Working in close collaboration with customers and partners helps ensure the input is efficiently gathered at every step of the process. With all members of the project team acting in close collaboration, workflow is maximized and the end-results exceed expectations.

1. Consultation

After we qualify a specific project, we work to schedule the first meeting with all stakeholders. Though we may already have a clear understanding on needs and requirements, it is important to review expectations so that the process remains on schedule throughout the project timeline. During this first consultation, your packaging consultant will walk you through our understanding of your product packaging goals.

The project’s expected timeline will also be reviewed and a next-step action plan made clear. Key team members will be introduced and clear lines of communication established. You will leave that all-important first meeting with a clear understanding of exactly what to expect and when. As the project progresses towards fruition, your consultant will maintain a high level of communication with all team members.

2. Design

Our expert designers collectively possess years of experience creating high-quality packaging solutions. They aim to develop structurally proficient and effective packaging designs that exceed the expectations of our customers. Whether you require your packaging to protect and preserve, or want to invite the end-user to reach for the product and explore, our designers can make it happen. Every customer can count on a design perfectly suited to meet their individual needs.

Yarber Inc relies on a process of creation that takes a step-by-step approach to innovative designs. As the project takes shape, your feedback will be sought to ensure we are meeting your expectations. As the design develops, your project manager will work to keep the project on track and ensure that deadlines are met.


Depending on the overall size of the order, a working sample will be provided before going into full production. This allows any necessary adjustments to be made before the full order is produced. For some projects, a trial order may be required for product qualification. No matter what, we always seek to perfectly match the needs of our customers in the most cost-effective way possible.

Once all stakeholders have signed-off on the final design of your new packaging, your project manager will begin the process of production.The specific SKU for the particular item will be locked-in and a production timeline will then be created, including the expected ship-by date for your first order.

4. Maintain

We recognize that the end of this initial process is just the beginning of your relationship with Yarber Inc and support after the sale is one of our highest priorities.

As new products are developed, and current products modified to adjust to changing markets, we look forward to offering you creative and innovative packaging solutions that meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.



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